Our Videos

The Expandables and more!

In 2012, the Region One Summit team decided to have a video contest and the Reprisal decided to enter. We made our first production "Destination Bigfoot Hunters Quest" and we were hooked. Since then, we have made several videos, such as "The Expandables", The "Expandables Too", "Expandables III" and several music videos with our lip-sinc bands Hot Air Supply and The Bluegas Rumblers. We really enjoy acting silly and puting our shenanigans out there for everyone to see. Below are some of our videos. 


The Expandables

This was the first of our 3 Exandables Movies. 

The Expandables Too

This was our second Exandables movie. 

The Expandables III

This was our third and final Exandables movie. 

Destination Bigfoot Hunters Quest

Our first movie. It makes fun of all of the bigfoot and paranormal shows on TV. It was great fun to do and all of the usable footage was actually filmed in one afternoon. 

True- Hot Air Supply

Our first lip-sync video and still one of our favorites.

Man of Constant Sorrow- Blue Gas Rumblers

Our first venture into the world of bluegrass music. Not our best effort, but still a fairly good early attempt.

Gandalf Motors

A little commercial shot in about 15 minutes for the "Best Commercial" category in the 2018 R1 Summit Video Contest.